Brumbox Bulletin 29.11.22

Brumbox Bulletin 29.11.22

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See Pickle Illustration's 'Workers Of The Roundhouse' Window animation

Every day between 7:30pm - 10:30pm
The Roundhouse, 1 Sheepcote Street, B16 8AE

You may remember receiving an art print by Pickle Illustration if you bought Brumbox 014 last year. Well, they've remained very busy since then and have recently been commissioned for a very special animation display at The Roundhouse.

Workers of the Roundhouse is a playful look at some of the professions who were based there in the past; people responsible for keeping the ‘The City of 1000 Trades’ ticking over!

It's free to view from the towpath, with visuals also being shown in the museum. We love Pickle’s illustration style, and to see it brought to life by animator Rosa Kennedy is magical!

Find out more.

After more ideas? Check out our city guide!


Picture This 

Birmingham International Airport Maglev Link

BHX Airport with its Maglev (now known as Air-Rail) Link, connecting the airport to Birmingham International Train Station and the NEC. This version ran from 1984 - 1995 and used magnetic force to levitate the carriages; very clever! That is, until it had to shut down due to repeating obsolescence problems making it too unreliable to run! 🤦‍♂️


Consider This

Kofi Stone Is There Anybody There? Tour documentary poster

Watch Kofi Stone's Tour documentary on YouTube

Birmingham raised Kofi Stone makes hip hop straight from the heart. Soulful beats and introspective lyrics drive his tracks to stand out from the rest of the UK scene.

This documentary follows him on his latest UK tour and provides an exhilarating and honest account of touring life for up and coming artists. 
We've followed his journey from the start, way back in 2017, so feel very proud watching him attain national recognition!
A must-watch if you’re a music fan, and enjoy behind the scenes content as much as we do!

Watch here.

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