Brumbox Bulletin 23.05.23

Brumbox Bulletin 23.05.23

Do This

Visit this exhibition by Melati Suryodarmo

Until Sunday 3rd September
Ikon Gallery, 1 Brindley Place, Oozells Square, B1 2HS

This Summer, Ikon’s galleries transform into a platform for one of Indonesia’s most important living artists, Melati Suryodarmo, to exhibit her acclaimed durational performances that last several hours, testing the limits of the human mind and body.

Visually spectacular, this exhibition features some events hosted by the artist herself, and some performed by over 50 associated artists and community activists.

Devote time to experience these feats of endurance that interrogate notions of time, labour and identity and we’re sure you’ll come away very, very impressed!

Find out more.

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Picture This

Scenery behind Alpha Tower in Birmingham

A refreshing break from the city centre roadworks and building sites, this inviting scene taken by Chris Fletcher is hidden just behind Alpha Tower.

A perfect depiction of Summer being just around the corner…we can’t wait! ☀️


Consider This

The logo for Birmingham's Olympic Games bid in 1992

Explore 7 reasons why Birmingham's 1992 Olympic Bid failed

Sydney, Athens, Beijing, London, Rio de Janiero and....Birmingham?

Your memory hasn't deceived you; the games in 1992 were of course held in Barcelona. However, many optimistic men in suits believed it was possible for Brum to host the world's biggest sporting event and an official bid was launched in the mid ‘80s.

It did of course, to put it kindly, fall flat on it's face. This article outlays 7 reasons why that may have happened; promotional songs, witchcraft and unappealing show homes provide humorous entertainment here, albiet at the city’s expense!

Read here.

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