Brumbox Bulletin 12.04.23

Brumbox Bulletin 12.04.23

Do This

Get tickets for Nineteen97's show

Friday 28th April, 7-11pm
Deadwax, 28 Adderley Street, B9 4ED

An artist constantly pushing boundaries in both production and vocal delivery, Nineteen97 (a project created by @devszallday) embarks on his first nationwide tour this Spring, in support of his recent single releases and upcoming project, Chrome II.

Devsz sits at the pinnacle of underground rap in Birmingham, but recent praises sung by Wonderland, Notion and Complex suggest he’s set to break through nationally very soon. 

This event promises creative chaos, infectious energy and many, many wheel ups. We’re giving you advanced warning for tickets as it will sell out, so be quick!

Get me in.

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Picture This

The demolition of Birmingham New Street Station in may 1977

The demolition of Birmingham Snow Hill Station, taken by David Rostance on 14th May 1977. 

The station closed in 1972 after the electrification of the main line from London to New Street in the 1960s saw New Street become top dog. The site in these images is incomparable to the station we know today, which was first built ten years after this bulldozing, in 1987.


Consider This

Inside a Birmingham nightclub from the 1990's

Reminisce on the best Brummie pubs and clubs of the '90s

A chaotic trip down memory lane beckons with this article celebrating the Brummie pubs and clubs that were most loved in the 90s. From stories of sleeping in the toilets until 8am to couples who met at the likes of The Dome and Pagoda Park still going after 20 years, we get to relive arguably the best decade for enjoying a good night out.

I found it amusing comparing my personal experiences of nights out in Brum in recent years to those of 20-30 years ago. The price of drinks has certainly changed dramatically, that’s for sure!

Whether you were an avid raver back then or just a twinkle in your partying parents' eyes, this article is sure to fill you with nostalgia for a time when everything seemed a lot more carefree.

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