Brumbox Bulletin 07.03.24

Brumbox Bulletin 07.03.24

Do This

Visit Foka Wolf's exhibition at Ikon Gallery

7th - 19th March, Tuesday - Sunday, 11am - 5pm
1 Oozells Street, B1 2HS

Arty troublemaker Foka Wolf is known mainly for his ‘subvertisements’ which parody corporate and political posters, as well as striking murals across Birmingham and beyond. 

This gallery installation responds to Why Are We Stuck in Hospital? – a project conducted by the School of Social Policy in partnership with Changing Our Lives that raises awareness of the 2,000 people with learning disabilities and/or autistic people who live in hospital settings for long periods of time, often for many years and with no planned date to leave.

This installation makes us question our city’s infrastructure and whether it is meeting the needs of those in our community whose voices are often not heard. An important one to visit! 

Find out more.

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Picture This

Traffic on Great Charles Street Queensway

Endless traffic on the Great Charles Street Queensway. 

Taken in April 2021 by @max.shotss, the long exposure leaves vibrant light trails that dart through the frame frantically. I love the contrasting colours! This one reminds me of the buzz of being in the back of a taxi on the way to a night out in town. 

Remember when they threatened to turn it into a park for a day? That got some people mad, didn't it... 😏


Consider This

Please Don't Touch by All White No Hype

Watch 'Please Don't Touch', by CS Visuals.

Serving as a cultural window into generational conspicuous consumption, this short film is a modern celebration of Black British heritage that explores the parallels between the Caribbean front room and sneaker culture, with an emphasis on how they both became symbols of status within their communities.

I grew up with Jamaican step-family and spent a lot of time around Jamaican communities in South Birmingham when I was younger, so I personally found this a very engaging watch as it reinforced cultural norms that I had experienced, but not analysed properly as a child.

Take 2 minutes today to learn about another culture, or reinforce traditions that you, your family and/or community may have been a part of creating.

Watch here.

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