Brumbox Bulletin 06.12.22

Brumbox Bulletin 06.12.22

Do This

Visit Grayson's Art Club: The Exhibition III at MAC

Every day between 10am - 4pm until April 2023
Midlands Art Centre, Cannon Hill Park, B12 9QH

Grayson’s Art Club is a favourite of ours here at Brumbox HQ, so we’re very excited to see the third instalment of the show's exhibition land right on our doorstep! 

With over 100 pieces of art on display, ranging from photography and sculpture to textiles and painting, we’d highly recommend paying a visit.

Perry has also stated that he ‘always has a great time in this city’ and suspects that Birmingham 'may be the coolest place in the UK’ - we’ll take that!

Booking is essential on a Pay What You Choose basis.

Book now.

After more ideas? Check out our city guide!


Picture This

The Bordesley to Snow Hill viaduct, seen from Bordesley with the city centre skyline in the background, taken on 5th September 1966.

The Bordesley to Snow Hill viaduct, seen from Bordesley with the city centre skyline in the background, taken on 5th September 1966. We love these older shots; it looks as though the communications tower is still under construction here!


Consider This

A history of Birmingham documentary from 1992

Watch 'A History Of Birmingham'

We've been reflecting a lot over the last few weeks, it’s that time of year isn’t it? For some of us, life slows down around Christmas, and we find ourselves looking back on the previous 12 months at how our lives and surroundings have changed.

Well, this week, we’ve looked a little further back and a little more outwardly, at the city we call home. How has Birmingham developed and changed over the years? This video is the perfect nostalgia trip; I found it fascinating learning about the origins of the streets I walk every week, the small details in this video in particular are so interesting! If you have some time this week, definitely give it a go.

Watch here.

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